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No matter who or where you are, you can help fight climate change by promoting impactful initiatives.


For the past two centuries, humans have had an ever stronger impact on Planet Earth. Our linear ways of living have exhausted resources and rejected components that upset our ecosystems.Scientist warn that we should curb the greenhouse gas emissions of our buildings, agriculture, transportation systems, and waste management to avoid that natural catastrophes that will otherwise jeopardize our survival..

In early December 2015 in Paris, 195 states will try to strike a prevent an average global temperature rise of more than 2°C, but complexe negotiations process, lobbies and exclusive access prevent grass roots citizens from taking a stand and innovating in order to protect our commons.

Let’s impact together

We know at MakeSense that citizen engagement can go a lot further than voting, paying taxes and applying a few tips on how to be a better consumer. We want to rock the system by promoting social and environmental alternatives that reach everybody. This is why we created Future of Waste, a program dedicated to cope with waste issues in any country or sector, with our active sponsor SUEZ. Our community solves challenges through creative and collaborative workshops. For more than a year, we’ve been sourcing social entrepreneurs, analyzing with experts, and creating local communities to help the best initiatives to scale up and have a stronger impact, but we need your help.
Learn more about Future Of Waste

Join Us

Like our Facebook page where we share articles, upcoming events and mobilization campaign. You can register to our volunteer taskforce no matter who or where you are. No orders or hierarchy : everybody’s free to just come and share moments and learnings.

You can organize events, workshops or initiate any new project you care about of by joining this facebook group and filling in this little form so that we get to know you better. Don’t be afraid if you’re not a specialist, we need enthusiastic and curious people and we train every volunteer to our open source methodologies (organize an MKS Room, use twitter,events without waste, solve challenges about marketing, crowdfunding, naming issues etc.)

Let’s meet for real! Wwe invite you to come to our kickoff event on October the 6th in Paris at 7pm GMT. For those who cannot attend, a hangout is programmed on October 8th at 12pm GMT.
Check out and contribute to our calendar to join more events.

Once you’ve joined us and you know about our objectives, there are different ways to contribute : explore witth us, build with us, solves challenges with us, speak with us!

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Explore with us

We must better understand how waste contributes to climate change.. Share articles with us on this group, upload reports and data in this shared folder. We will then curate it to provide grids that will help our entrepreneurs and infographics to make the issue understandable to a wider audience.

Have you read about some great initiatives that prevent, reuse or recycle waste? Do you happen to know one in your neighborhood? Get in touch with them and help them register their challenges on our platform by filling up this form. Our teams will contact them so that we can solve their challenges, connect and promote them. Ask Thibaud, Daniele and Circul’r for advices, they have skills to share.

Build with us

Most of the greatest initiatives are only starting or work with the informal sectors. Unfortunately, establishing an impact measurement program takes a lot of time and money. This is why we would like to build a methodology that could help any social entrepreneur estimate their positive impact on climate. Get in touch with Recube to help us design a tool.

You can participate in the global strategy, propose events, and spark your own initiative throughout the campaign. We aim to organize a full week of local initiatives throughout the world before the official COP21 so that we can prove to our governments that solutions can be bottom up.

Help Emma of the unpackaged coalition and the Food Surplus Entrepreneur Network build a catalogue of eco-friendly furniture, catering, and services so that we can ask our partner to walk their talk during the numerous upcoming events. Help our Maker and Hacker community show the official COP21 delegation a range of Do it yourself proof of concept equipments to transform waste into new resources. Arnaud is in charge of this great initiative in Loos en Gohelle.

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Speak with us

There are many opportunities to speak up as a citizen. We are invited to many conferences worldwide and we would be glad to give you the opportunity to speak up as citizen or entrepreneur. For instance Candan is participating in the UN COP21 simulation in Berlin. We also have available slots at le grand Palais solution COP21. Register for the speakers corner

We also organize many of our own events such as MKS Room where we invite you to share your views, challenges or expertise.

Last but not least, we want everybody to know about what we’ve done together and about the great entrepreneurial solutions we’ve sourced and helped. Retweet us, notify us, share contents.

Above all come and meet our local teams in throughout the world, from Mexico City to Auckland, Beiruth, Brussels, Dakar, Paris and 100 other cities where citizen joyfully do the best they can to make sense!

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Fight climate change by help impactful initiatives on waste:

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makesense est une communauté internationale de citoyens, d’entrepreneurs et d’organisations qui résolvent ensemble les défis sociaux et environnementaux

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