Updates on the Refugee Forward mobilization

Following on what happened a few months ago in MakeSense Berlin Hotspot, we decided to kick-off a global mobilization within MakeSense to support Social Entrepreneurs tackling the refugee crisis. Here’s a quick summary with current updates.

  1. We defined within the MakeSense Gang and with Singa our partner on this issue the three challenges that needs to be addressed to solve this refugee crisis.
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2. We sourced great Social Entrepreneurs and organizations working on these three challenges in France and Germany. You can see what are the current obstacles they need to overcome here. Examples of organizations include : SOS Meditérranée for Safe journey — Cosem ( health), Domo, Calm ( housing ), multitude ( language ) , Ideas box , Urban refugees for basic needs & information — Kiron university & Singa’s incubator for Social Inclusion. We’re looking for the same kind of organization in other EU & Middle East countries.

3. Ismail from MakeSense Berlin Gang and who launched the refugee mobilization there went in Greece to sea the refugee crisis on the frontline and discuss with the different actors with Start-up boat. He’ll write more content about what are his insights soon.

4. We’ve kick-off the global mobilization by featuring those organizations last week in Paris with a 100 people and 3 hold-ups.

5. To create more impact we’re prioritizing the mobilization focusing on the first challenge : Help people cross the sea and arrive safely in Europe. As a result we’ve setup a continuous offline and online mobilization room in the MakeSense Space in Paris and on Facebook to succeed raising 400K for SOS Méditérranée. There’s 6 days left to join! The Captain of SOS Méditerranée is coming to the mobilization room tomorrow; join via hangout if you’re not in Paris!

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6. Daniel is starting his Europe tour tomorrow to mobilize for SOS mediteranee, present the current mobilization plan to Makesense communities in EU and scout similar organizations as the one found in France and Germany to strengthen the mobilization. Check all the dates!

7. We’re opening a MakeSense fulltime office in Lebanon with a Community developer to deploy the mobilization in middle east. Please say hello to Elsa who will lead the mob in this region.

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8. You can apply to be part of the board of the refugee forward mobilization to fine tune & improve our impact strategy, define impact indicators by sending a mail to camille@makesense.org , daniel@makesense.org and christian@makesense.org

9. We’re getting ready in 6 days after the end of the SOS mediterannée challenge to launch a call for projects solving the second challenge of the mobilization as well a public partners that could be interested to scale the scouted innovations.

join the refugee forward makesense mobilization and start working with Social Entrepreneurs → http://forward.makesense.org/refugees

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makesense est une communauté internationale de citoyens, d’entrepreneurs et d’organisations qui résolvent ensemble les défis sociaux et environnementaux

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