Too cool for school in Berlin — when social innovation can take over the education system

School system. Social Entrepreneurship.

At first sight, these two components seem to be setting appart and really far from each other.

But actually what if we started reconsidering the relationship between these two fields, explore their complementarity and help them become the best partners to upgrade our society?

That is actually the proposition of social entrepreneurship: to use entrepreneurship tools in order tackle the most pressing issues that we face in our society.

In Berlin, Melanie, Guglielmo, Fiamma, Marta, Daniela, Maria, Moritz & Silvia are all fond of education topics, either through their jobs or simply because, as citizens, they care about this cause.

These guys also have another common point, they live in Berlin and are part of the same community of citizens who’s helping social entrepreneurs to solve their challenges: MakeSense.

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To do so, they organise events, they gathers social entrepreneurs and citizens to find tangible solutions thanks to their creativity and by using specific methodologies based on design thinking.

On saturday 30th, MakeSense Berlin is organizing a co-creation workshop called « Social innovation meets school ». The aim of this workshop is to develop concrete ideas and solutions on how to bring social entrepreneurship and social innovation to schools. With design thinking methods and tools, participants will be guided to develop ideas on how to better connect Education with Social Entrepreunership.

If this may sound quite broad, that is because the participants will actually work on a format that they think is the most relevant to foster creativity and entrepreneurial thinking in school.
The outcome could either be a specific tool or material for the teacher, or either a game! No one knows yet and this is the magic of creativity: you can’t predict it.

The co-creation workshop happening on January 30th is actually another stone to a long journey that started few months ago.

« We believe that learning should be more practical and fun; and that youths can be better prepared in school for real-world problems » explains Melanie. —

Back in November, Guglielmo, Melanie and the rest of the MakeSense crew decided to launch a mobilisation month to explore the topic of education. This way they could support initiatives that push change in the traditional school system, particularly those focusing on improving students’ learning experiences, to help scale their practices.

The ultimate goal is clear: to raise awareness on innovative educational initiatives and approaches to help scale their practice.

With more than a dozen of events organized by MakeSense to explore the topic of education by inviting social innovators, experts, teachers and students to interact and share their needs, ideas and resources, this month cause is definitely a huge success!

MKS Room @Prachtwerk Berlin on November 3rd. Social entrepreneurs working in education were invited to discuss how would education look like in 10 years time. This discussion was flowing in combination of a live concert by Trevor Bahnson.
Change-making SenseTour in Berlin Nov 2015 — A tour to visit and discover different initiatives which enhance education. Thanks to Social Impact Lab Berlin, TeachSurfing Deutschland Lina Yassin for Charité, Über den Tellerrand kochen,Education Innovation LAB and Impact Hub Berlin

While this journey in the topic of education was supposed to be running for a month , each events were such a success that it actually turned out to be a series running for 3 months! The power of mobilizing citizens.

Amongst the event organized part of this month cause were a Skillsharing Evening, a SenseScreening, different problem solving workshops etc.

Problem solving workshop for Familland in Berlin. Familland is a card game, which tackles the complex social issue of families nowadays in a funny and playful way.
The challenge was « How can we promote a crowdfunding campaign to reach a community of first players and buyers for familland? »

So Berlin what is the next cause you would like to explore?

Really looking forward to get engaged and explore a new cause where social entrepreneurs can bring solutions!

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Solene is helping the MakeSense community to grow in Europe. She is working with the different Hotspots to get citizens involved in solving social startups’ challenges.

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makesense est une communauté internationale de citoyens, d’entrepreneurs et d’organisations qui résolvent ensemble les défis sociaux et environnementaux

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