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On April 2, join the challenge to imagine 100 new ideas of social business startups worldwide!

How many times did you dream of starting your own social startup? How many times did you tell your friends “one day I will start my own business” but you still didn’t start it because you HAVE NO IDEA of what kind of social enterprise you could do? Would you believe me if I told you that your dream could easily come true thanks to “SenseFiction”: A creativity workshop that enables anyone to develop their concept of social startup in only 4 hours ?

#Truestory: For the past two years, members of the MakeSense community from Paris to Mexico, Kathmandu to Manila, Singapore to Seoul have facilitated “SenseFiction” workshops.

This creative methodology allows you to easily come up with ideas of social businesses.
For instance, last year Caroline participated in a SenseFiction organized by Julien.

She imagined a connected scarf that could protect city inhabitants from air pollution. She is now the Founder of Wair, incubated by the startup accelerator, SenseCube Paris, which has now won different competitions such as the SwitchUp Challenge (50 000 euros prize).

Today, 6 of the entrepreneurs who imagined their businesses during the SenseFiction workshops are / will be incubated by the SenseCube.

What if this were you ?!

MakeSense is the perfect playground to imagine your social enterprise: You have access to 25,000 entrepreneurship enthusiasts, the opportunity to easily create a multidisciplinary team to develop an innovative idea that solves a social or environmental issue.

Also, SenseFictions can be great events to kickstart a MakeSense Community in a city where there are not yet a lot of social entrepreneurs; indeed with SenseFiction workshops you will support the emergence of social businesses and then mobilize gangsters, MakeSense volunteers, to help them develop their businesses.

Last November, during two days, 12 gangsters organized SenseFictions in 6 cities in France: 250 people imagined 40 projects and 20 are now developing them :)

Imagine if we could do the same but 10X times bigger…for instance all over the WORLD with 1,000 people? Imagine you could create social startups responding to the MakeSense focus on causes: Women Empowerment, Refugees, Digital Education, Food Security, etc… Imagine you could launch your own social business mobilization. Imagine…

STOP imagining. It will happen!

JOIN the Worldwide SenseFiction Day on April 2!
The objective is to ALL TOGETHER imagine 100 new social enterprises that will be supported & developed by the MakeSense Gangsters.


BEIRUT : #Beirut Worldwide Sensefiction Day
BRUSSELS (04/04) : Sensefiction — Smart Mobility
CASABLANCA : #Casablanca World Wide SenseFiction Day
DAKAR : #DAKAR WorldWide SenseFiction Day
HO CHI MINH CITY : SenseFiction Ho Chi Minh city
LIMA : SenseFiction Day #Lima
LONDON : London Worldwide SenseFiction Day
LYON : SenseFiction Lyon #WW SenseFiction Day
MAASTRICHT : SenseFiction #Maastricht === 3x3 Challenge
MANILA : SenseFiction Manila — Design a Social Startup!
MARSEILLE : SenseFiction Marseille #WW SenseFiction Day
MEXICO : SenseFiction Day #CDMX
MILANO : WW SenseFiction Day Milano
PARIS : SenseFiction Paris #WW SenseFiction Day
PARIS : SenseFiction Day #Cheer Up #Cancer [Private Event for students of CheerUp Association]
PHNOM PENH : SenseFiction Phnom Penh
QUITO : SenseFiction Day Quito
TOULOUSE : SenseFiction #Toulouse : créez un concept d’entreprise sociale

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“We don’t need super heroes to change the world, we need YOU”
Muhammad Yunus

Ben & Léa
Paris Gangsters

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makesense est une communauté internationale de citoyens, d’entrepreneurs et d’organisations qui résolvent ensemble les défis sociaux et environnementaux

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