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New Social business startups to launch in Brussels at the heart of the EU!

While the New York Times was recently explaining in his headlines « Why Brussels is the New Berlin », a new free electron for social innovation is about to be launched in the capital city of Belgium: the SenseCube powered by MakeSense!

Céline and Lucie already got this intuition a couple of years ago when the two girls got to know MakeSense through friends in different cities in Europe. They were thrilled by the concept of mobilizing citizens to solve the challenges of social entrepreneurs and reinforcing their impact.

Lucie and Céline became super active in the MakeSense community and help launching the first Belgium hotspot in Brussels. Through their action, they embarked on a journey that led them to become social entrepreneurs themselves. They became immersed in the social entrepreneurship world in Brussels, learnt about project management, collective intelligence and design thinking methodology. The inspiration came from the people they were surrounded with, starting from all the amazing MakeSense tribe in Brussels — Lucas, Patrizia, Irene, Geraldine, Elien, Thibaud, Kristina, Geraldine, Kira, Janita, and many more.

In winter 2014, Lucie and Céline decided to launch a SenseCube in Brussels and have been working very hard to make this collective dream happen.

Since the beginning of the year, MicroMarché is hosting the MakeSense community and is getting ready to welcome social startups that will be incubated for 3 months.

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The aim of the SenseCube is to support social enterprises who are at their early stage and help them grow and reach their market. Working hard while dream big!

SenseCube Brussels is opening on February 1st and is welcoming everybody who’s keen to discover the 6 projects that will be incubated in the 3 upcoming months!

These startups are covering a wide range of offer but all have a common point: they have all identified a social or environmental issue that they want to tackle through their business model.

Amongst the startups that will be incubated in the 1st SenseCube batch in Brussels, you can find
➸ a project that provides nurseries with full service of washable nappies
➸ a studio or design and reseal that conceives products using micro-biomaterials
➸ an app that will enhance a citizen movement to help understanding the impact of products we purchase
➸ a fully customizable professional music studio for anyone at affordable prices
➸ a project that aims at simplifying the understanding of our world’s interconnectivity with nature using biomimicry
➸ an app to gather people and foster mutual assistance between citizens.

Come and meet MagmaNova, CoRe, Biomjmjka, Bandstrack, WashMyNappy and Unite @ Micromarché on Monday 1st of February at 7pm!

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The SenseCube adventure started 2 years ago in Paris when two volunteers of MakeSense, Alizée and Léa, decided to launch the social startups incubator of MakeSense. Since then, the project has been replicated in different cities such as Mexico and in Brussels.

SenseCube Paris is about to close his 3rd batch of startups and the next call for project will be open from January 27th to February 27th for early stage projects to be developed in France.

Contrary to the the New York Times statement, Berlin is actually far from being outdone as the MakeSense community in Germany is soon opening a SenseCube that will incubate startups working on the refugee crisis!

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