My 6-month internship for Future of Waste

Here is a little overview of what I have been doing for the last 6 months in MakeSense.

For those who don’t know it yet, MakeSense is a NGO where, by putting together our skills and ideas, we help social entrepreneurs create and develop their business.

First step in MakeSense!

Like every first day I was wondering where should I seat? How should I organize my day? What time should I arrive? Well at MakeSense nothing of this matter! I found a unique and flexible way of working where you change seat everyday and your work schedule depends on opportunities.

I joined an ecosystem with it’s own language and practices: yoga, meditation, nonviolent communication, #Entremiam… But no worries this is not a sect, steak addicts are welcome.

I quickly joined and embraced the values of this community especially during our team retreat.

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60 people working fulltime for MakeSense joined from all over the world in a l’écocentre le Bouchot !

Day to day life as a Community Developer for Future of Waste

Future of Waste is a mobilization to involve citizens in the development of organizations and innovative startups that transform and create new ways to collect our waste.

I had the chance to work with a unicorn!

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Antoine / Community Developer Future of Waste

And together we support the community around waste management issues. What does Community Development means? It’s not doing Facebook post all day! It means that we work with volunteers, we help them grow skills and we build a volunteer journey. I met with MakeSense community during SenseCamps in Bordeaux, Paris, Berlin and Lisbon!

I was sourcing and meeting with meaningful project, understanding and framing their challenges. I organized some events like the Open Source Circular Economy Days. To inspire citizens, I also created and shared some editorial content on social media.

I really had the opportunity to do various missions and to work on topics that interested me, for example FairWear mobilization.

I decided to build a new project: an online learning tool for MakeSense volunteers so they get access to higher quality trainings!

What is it to work in the Community Developer Team?

Working in an international team is amazing because we have to think of all the local specificities! We all share the same vision, we put community and impact at the center of our work and we believe real change only comes from the collective action around the world. We had the chance to all meet for a few days in September!

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What did I learn?

I learned to be proactive, to identify challenges and solve them. To make my own decisions, facilitate, have an entrepreneurial and collaborative way of working. I realize that I love the fact that there is still a lot to build and challenges to solve within MakeSense!

What’s next for me?

I loved it so much that I will keep on working for MakeSense, first in Marrakech during the COP 22 and then in South- East-Asia! I will join Rachel based in Manila to develop the community but also to work with students in university.

What’s next for you??

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Violette is part of the MakeSense team,
focusing on waste reduction and circular economy challenges:

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makesense est une communauté internationale de citoyens, d’entrepreneurs et d’organisations qui résolvent ensemble les défis sociaux et environnementaux

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