Journey of a MakeSense Kickstarter.

“Joining the kickstarters program and the MakeSense Community was one of THE most amazing experiences I ever had!
I got to learn so many things, and meet amazing people from the gang, and in my city, being the MakeSense Ambassador here gave me the chance to meet interresting people who have a commen objective, which is "having a positive impact on society".

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Kickstarters 1st batch from around the world!

Thing I can almost promis that any participant of the gang will surely gain is the feeling that he or she can make a positive change! It doesn't matter from what background you are, if you are part of such an amazing community, you can't help but move in the same direction.
The first step in the program is to discover what MakeSense is, and one thing all participants have to discover is the MakeSense values manifesto!

It THE thing that made me fall in love and I'm sure it will do the same for anyone It might take some time to fully know everything about MakeSense and all the things we do, so starting with the basics (mission and values) is the way you want to go when you first start presenting MakeSense to other people, you will get exited about it and tell everyone about it you might be asked some questions that you don't have an answer for, so don't hesitate to ask the community developers!

Do a SenseDrink and Make it fun, tell everyone you know about MakeSense and be proud of what you are doing. People will want to know more and be part of it, and you can help them and learn together about what you can do! More people = more fun and more impact.

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First SenseDrink in Algiers

Then you will learn how to do a hold-up (and you can also learn about other methodologies) and organize your first event, the first of many to come, try to get more people engaged and ask others to help you, and always keep in mind that there is a whole community who will support you ! So never hesitate to ask for tips and guidance!

By the end of the program, you would've learned so many things, and still find other things you can learn and do! You can try new things and come up with new ideas, and it's perfectly okey if you mess up, we all do ( and it's fun sometimes just laugh it off).
This is my summary about how the journy was for me and how it felt like! And I hope that it would be as amazing (or more) for all the new kickstarters!”

Bouchra, MakeSense Kickstarter in Algiers.

If you want to kickstart MakeSense in your city contact Rachel:

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