Hold-up makesense: collective intelligence, advice to organizers and recent developments

In 2019, why new developments for the hold-up?

Very quickly in my adventure at makesense I was frustrated by the quality of the resolution of the hold-up challenge, because the format was very generic.

Do you remember your first hold-up ?

I first participated in a hold-up before I organized one. My first experience was for an entrepreneur who wanted to make tours of Paris guided by homeless people, the project had a communication challenge.

What is the essence of a hold-up and the evolutions?

One of the major elements of the format is openness and accessibility. There is also of course social and environnemental impact at the heart of the hold-up.

  • Naming: find a name for your project
  • Community basis: define a community bases such as vision, members and scope
  • Community building: structuring a community through activities and roles
  • Feedback: receive constructive feedback and ideas

Why would you want to become a hold-up facilitator ?

Each volunteer can find their own interest:

  • The desire to consolidate and discover knowledge about collective intelligence and facilitation
  • Connect and expand your network with diverse people such as entrepreneurs, participants or volunteers who have similar interests and values
  • Develop various skills such as project management, oral expression, pedagogy, collaboration, community management…

What would be your 3 tips to a person who is embarking on the organization of a hold-up ?

  • Tip # 1: It is important to prepare well in order to have self-confidence and feel comfortable in the different situations on day of facilitation.
  • Tip # 2: Before the workshop, try to think about “why do I personally organize the workshop?” This will allow you to remember the objective you have (learn to lead, meet an entrepreneur etc.) This will allow you to stay on course and keep your balance.
  • Tip # 3: Do not hesitate to surround yourself with others and ask for help before the workshop! It is essential to know that there is a community around you and that you are never alone in the organization and facilitation of the hold-up.
hold-up organized by Mathilde and Robin
Hold-up organized by Robin et Mathilde

What impact on entrepreneurs?

The reaction of entrepreneurs after a hold-up is often the same: they find it incredible to have 10 motivated people to help them! They really feel like they are supported by a community.

What is your dream for hold-ups in the years to come?

I tell myself that the hold-up has every chance of becoming the “Ikea of ​​collective intelligence”! I imagine an enlarged format, with lots of bricks, where everyone can create their hold-up easily for all types of challenges.

Do you want to organize a hold-up?

  • Free and open to everyone! You’re going to go through all these stages

Do you want to discover the new resources available?

If you have facilitated hold-ups in the past but want to discover the new tools

Do you want to benefit from a hold-up for your project?

You can ask for a hold-up within your local makesense community.



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