Advancing the access to education through digital in Lebanon

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Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

I have always thought that the Lebanese people have a big advantage in their education, particularly concerning the scientific and university teaching language in French or English. The schooling system did not only make us fluent in Arabic but it has also built our proficiency and agility in learning foreign languages.

Yet, it still felt amazing to know with this promising potential, that there still is a lot of things to be done. The Lebanese academic program has been stagnant for decades and lacks modern evolution.

The digital age has disseminated open access and affordable reach to knowledge; so how can we benefit from that and how can we valorize the educational institutions?

At MakeSense, a global non-profit social enterprise, we have initiated a global mobilization around the “Access to education through digital” in partnershipNokia and UNESCO to identify and help projects finding solutions to the 3 main issues we need to solve to make a change in the access to education:

1: How to make education accessible to everyone?

2: How to make it adaptable to every profile?

3: How to use education as a tool for personal and professional empowerment?

For more information, read here.

In 4 years, we have mobilized over 25,000 citizens and over 1,500 active change makers in more than 100 cities to solve over 1,300 social challenges worldwide and partnered up with big corporations as well, such as Cisco, Danone, Boston Consulting Group BCG, SAP, etc, and the top universities in Paris ESSEC, ESCP Europe, HEC Paris and more.

Since our launching in Lebanon 3 months ago in Lebanon, we have organized 11 events and mobilized over 160 people to brainstorm ideas and imagine concrete solutions to solve social business challenges.

Last Saturday, around 40 students joined the “New Year New Resolutions for a Better Lebanon” event I organized at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in collaboration with the Olayan School of Business.
Together, we tackled the challenges of 4 entrepreneurs bringing solutions to reach 4 important objectives for Lebanon this year:

1. Less violence & social integration,

2. Less Waste,

3. Education for All,

4. Youth Empowerment.

After head-hunting for social entrepreneurs who are helping those causes through their initiatives, we looked for the difficulties or challenges they are facing in their operations or business.

Our aim is to gather a group of people to brainstorm concrete solutions to the challenge of the social entrepreneurs and help them implement them if needed.

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3 of the 4 workshops facilitated during the event pertained to the cause of Education with the central aim of advancing the educational system in Lebanon.

Reimagining the Social Business Model for Tabshoura Project: Act for Education for All

Tabshoura is a project by LAL, NGO that creates multilingual, user-friendly, innovative, and adaptable tools that are accessible to all organizations working to provide quality education in Lebanon. The product Tabshoura is free a trilingual moodle-based platform for students based on the Lebanese educational program. Creating and digitizing content is expensive without regular revenue streams that we don’t have. Depending on volunteers and quality contributions takes too much time

In order to keep building all content, complete and build an academic year (costing on average $100K for one full academic year), we need to rethink our Social Business Model to make Tabshoura self-sustainable.

Impact & KPI Planning for No Label: Act for Less Violence (anti-bullying)

No Label is the first ‪#‎Anti‬-Bullying Organization in Lebanon and aims to prevent bullying behavior by coaching and supporting victims, advising parents, and finally, giving educational programs to whom is concerned. In order to start building the impact and start selling our programs to schools, we need to go beyond just school talks. In order to achieve that, we need to imagine a ‪#‎Strategy‬ and ‪#‎KPI‬ Key Performance Indicators that will not only motivate No Label but also track and ‪#‎measure‬ the ‪#‎success‬ of its social business.

Marketing and Consumer-Market-Research for LeWagon Beirut: Act for Youth Empowerment!

Le Wagon is a coding school for skilled, creative people & entrepreneurs. Le Wagon offers a 9-week of 405 hours of coding lessons to empower young talents to become actors of the “tech” innovation. Le Wagon designs hands-on programs to teach you web development 21st-century skills and get you job-ready with new powers. Le Wagon believes that programming skills are crucial in today’s digital age. In order to meet the demand of the lack of tech developers and lack of youth employment opportunities in Lebanon, we need to advise Le Wagon on how to connect with the youth of the future and help them advance in work and in life.

Join our movement to find more social startups or NGOs wanting to become self-sustainable working around the cause of Digital Education. We want to accelerate their impact by helping in problem-solving “hold-up” workshops and give them exposure to scale and grow.

By groups of motivated human beings or individually, contact me to start the change!

This project can nurture your career experiences by making connections in the social business ecosystem, connecting you with the social entrepreneurs, and make a positive impact in the Lebanese education system, so come along and join the movement.

Through your engagement, we can all make a difference together.

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Elsa is helping the MakeSense community to grow in the MENA region.
She is working with volunteers in different cities to get citizens involved in solving social startups’ challenges.

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makesense est une communauté internationale de citoyens, d’entrepreneurs et d’organisations qui résolvent ensemble les défis sociaux et environnementaux

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