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2016 will be the year of endless possibilities for changemakers in Greece!

While the world has been celebrating a new upcoming year, some of us are now trying to apply the new resolutions we want to achieve. Let’s actually face it, we often end up feeling lonely in our quest and tend to give up before achieving our challenge.

So what if we started 2016 in a different way by having a concrete common resolution that will reinforce positive impact on society and our environment and that can be implemented as part of a global community of changemakers?

Sounds too perfect or idealistic? Not really! MakeSense is launching in Athens and is willing to grow its greek community!

Needless to list the different social challenges that Greece is currently facing. We shall rather focus on ways to tackle these issues.

Since both the private sector and the public are deeply wounded, social entrepreneurship, as an intersection between these two, can arise as a possible solution. Rather than leaving societal needs to the government or business sectors, social entrepreneurs take responsibility and initiatives to uplift their community’s quality status. These social entrepreneurs need your support and your skill to enhance their impact!

Makesense is trying to invent a new world by helping impact-driven startups to create self-sustainable solutions for social and environmental problems. So far, the MakeSense community is spread in 46 countries, with 1500 active members around the globe and got 20.000 citizen involved in building solutions.

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As citizens, YOU and everybody can get involved in supporting concrete solutions developed by social entrepreneurs and to reinforce their impact by helping solving challenges they face.

In fact, citizens have a key role in MakeSense ecosystem, for without them, social innovation and change will not go forward. MakeSense is the empowerment of social entrepreneurship with sustained social and environmental impact powered by a solid and passionate movement of citizens.

Amongst these social entreprises you can find Startup Boat. They did some ad-hoc research on Lesbos and are now launching their activities with Migration Hub in Greece.

There is actually a high number of informal and formal efforts to be hailed on the ground — such as the Social Center and Migration Spot at Tsamadou Street in Exarcheia and Refugees Welcome Greece.

These initiatives are all regularly facing different type of issues and can be helped by the power of the MakeSense Community. By organizing a hold-up we can help create tailored solutions for these social entreprises and reinforce their impact.

Whether you are a social entrepreneur or not, a youth or slightly older, a woman or a man, greek or not, you are more than welcome as a citizen in the MakeSense community to help social entrepreneurs’ initiatives in Athens and in Greece!

Happy 2016!

May this year be full of solutions and positive impact!

Get in touch with if you’d like to get involved by organising or attending a workshop to create solutions for social entrepreneurs :)

Many thanks to the MakeSense community in Athens for contributing to this article! A big big thank you to Anastasia & Konstantina, both part of MakeSense in Greece!
Anastasia has launched Code it like a girl and Konstantina is also a social entrepreneur, whose organisation is part of the Social Entrepreneurship Network.

makesense est une communauté internationale de citoyens, d’entrepreneurs et d’organisations qui résolvent ensemble les défis sociaux et environnementaux

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